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The main reasons we loved CET

Here is an actual letter from one of our customers: Kevin, I wanted to reach out and give you a little back ground on CET. I owned a printing company for 30 years in Dallas. I have since sold my bu

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Kirby West “Desert Cure” LED-UV Conversion Service

In order to help our customers compete in the coming years and participate in the technology that is going to dominate pressrooms in the future, Kirby West is now providing “Desert Cure” LeoLED-UV

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U-Haul Corporate HQ Installs New CET Q5-500 Large Format UV

Kirby West gives a hearty shout out and thank you to Martha Sells (pictured center, back row) and her outstanding staff at the U-Haul Corporate HQ un Central Phoenix for installing a new CET Color Q5-

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MMP Rancho Cucamonga puts up big numbers with Ryobi DI Technology

Congratulations to Kevin Brown and his staff at MMP Rancho Cucamonga in California.  Last October his company billed over $ 1 Million in a single month. This is among the highest billing for any fran

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Want to know when to call us about a quality, used Ryobi DI press?  Here’s my advice – do it on the day that you write a check for monthly click charges.  I guarantee that’s when you will be t

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Mesa Sign King Adds New CET Color Q5-500 Double Row 4 x 8′ Flatbed

Mesa Sign King of Mesa, AZ installed a new CET Color Q5-500 Double row CMYK 4 x 8' Flatbed UV printer last week.  Owners Jim Torgeson and Andre Campos liked the key features of the CET Color unit....

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Money for Copiers!

Have a copier that has outlived its usefulness?  Want to free up some floor space  for more profitable endeavors?  Just want that thing out of your shop?  As we all know the life expectancy of ton

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CET Large Format UV Printing – Fine Art Quality the Fast, Affordable Way

When we decided to become dealers for CET Large and Grand Format UV Printing Presses we did it for a number of reasons.  First, our technicians all gave us a double thumbs up for the build quality of

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Trump Tax Plan Savings for Printing Equipment Buyers

  Hey, remember this guy?  How could you miss him?  Some people love him; some people hate him.  Now I’m not trying to tell you which group you should be in but I think everyone can agree t

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To all of our printer friends in the Greater Phoenix area: Graphic Whizard will be coming our way with their mobile demo unit on Tuesday, 13Feb. They will be ready to demo a Slit-Cut-Crease machine a

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