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Spend $1K/Mo on a Used Ryobi DI…Save $3-5K/Mo on Toner and Click Charges

If you want to drive a nail you don't use a wrench, right? You use a hammer.  Everybody knows that. You can use a wrench but it's frustratingly slow, aggravating and is one of the leading causes of t

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Plan Ahead for End of the Year Purchases of Used Printing Equipment

Printer Friends:   As you know, the holidays are upon us.  We have much to be thankful for this year.  With Thanksgiving this Thursday   , we're sure you will be giving thanks as well.  As

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Don’t Give The Taxman Your Money – Buy a Ryobi (or Used Ryobi)!!

Just because Santa probably can't jam a good, used Ryobi digital press down your chimney doesn't mean your Christmas won't be merry.  Just give Kirby West a call. We'll roll one right through the war

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PROFIT: Where does the profit come really come from?

Last week Tim and I made a swing through Southern California calling on old friends who have been loyal our customers  dating back to when we were the Ryobi dealer in SoCal - more than 25 years.  Wi

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Strategies the Banks Use to Grow Your Business

When I was with the Ryobi Import Group, I travelled a lot. I flew from here to there with the routine of getting out of bed at 3, getting out the door at 4 so I could be at the airport at 5 to make t

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As someone who spent about a decade selling almost exclusively new printing and bindery equipment, I always equated the relationship with prospects as a lengthy engagement. In the used equipment nich

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What Differentiates Good Printers from The Not So Good Printers?

What Differentiates Good Printers from The Not So Good Printers? We’re fortunate. We talk to printers almost all day and have been doing so almost every day (at least Mondays through Fridays) for

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During the first half of the nineties I sold commercial printing in Southern California. I was lucky enough to wind up working for a dominant pre-press house that had recently purchased new Ryobi two

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Kirbywest Launches New Blog

Kirbywest Printing Equipment has launched a new blog. Check back on a regular basis to see updates and new related to the printing industry and printing equipment.

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