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CET Large Format UV Printing – Fine Art Quality the Fast, Affordable Way

When we decided to become dealers for CET Large and Grand Format UV Printing Presses we did it for a number of reasons.  First, our technicians all gave us a double thumbs up for the build quality of the machine (2500lbs v 1000lbs for many competing machines), ease of operator interface and superlative quality at speeds of up to 1000sqft/hr.  These factors coupled with the affordable price and low cost of operation make it a profitability game changer.  Here is a list of great reasons to buy a CET:

  •  Large format is one of the two niches in commercial printing (packaging being the other) that is experiencing explosive growth and much higher than average profit margins.
  • Nearly 600 machines installed (2nd in US installations).
  • CET machines are 20-40% less to buy than comparable units from our top competitors.
  • Lower cost of operation (consumables, etc).
  • Responsive, Factory trained local service
  • No expensive service contracts.  If you have a $1500.00/ mo service contract this alone will save you $90,000.00 over five years.  Wouldn’t you rather put that money in your pocket?
  • Locally owned dealer, AZ small business.
  • Upgradeable in the field. Want a second row of heads or LED-UV curing?  No problem, both are one day upgrades on your existing machine.  Most of our competitors will need you to trade up to a new machine and start the lease clock ticking from zero again.
  • Top model prints up to 1000 square feet per hour.
  • Unparalleled quality, ink droplet sizes as low as 4 picoliter.
  • Choice of Mercury Vapor or LED-UV curing lamps.
  • Reliability, CET machines average only 2.3 service calls per year.
  • 2500lb machine versus 1000lbs
  • Built in Atlanta, GA
  • Ricoh Gen 5 Or Kyocera heads – and heads are not consumables, they last the life of the machine.
  • Large profit margins on wide format and rigid substrate work.

Of all of the machines we sell CET large format UV printing machines are generating the most excitement in the market, especially among commercial printers.  Contact us today for passes to the SGIA show in Las Vegas October 18-20th and we can schedule a quick demo for you in our booth.