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Want to know when to call us about a quality, used Ryobi DI press?  Here’s my advice – do it on the day that you write a check for monthly click charges.  I guarantee that’s when you will be the most interested.


How much is that click charge check per month? $2,500.00? $5,000.00? $10,000.00?!?!? How did it ever get so high?  Well, I’ll tell you how it happened.  Toner based printers are easy to use. Too easy maybe. Jobs that would be much more cost effectively run on a Ryobi DI wind up being printed on a toner based machine. Once the run length heads north of 1000 sheets it starts to be too costly to run on a copier.  Every sheet you print after that is jacking up the amount of that click charge check you will be writing at the end of the month.


Toner machines have a niche, just like DI presses, 40” presses and table top printers have a niche. The sweet spot for copiers is 0-1000 sheets. It’s not that you can’t print longer runs on a toner machine, it’s just that it’s too expensive. In the 1000-20,000 sheet niche the Ryobi 3404DI is impossible to beat.  At 750-1000 impressions our cost per sheet dives below the usual $0.04 per click of the typical copier and positively craters below $0.01 per sheet over 5000 pieces.


When you start to run the numbers on cost of ownership for toner machines the total is staggering. How much do you really pay?  Lease payment, click charges, service agreement, etc., add it up. Compare that to a $1000.00 machine payment and a few hundred dollars in plates and ink per month.  And the machine payment goes away after five years while the machine will print for many years after that. And you will have the ability to do 300 line screen quality, paint the sheet solid, run 20pt stock and many different substrates.


Click charges are like credit card interest.  You can write a check to the CC company every month for years and never wind up owning the item you charged in the first place.  There is a lot of profit in the jobs you are already running; write a check for a big chunk of those clicks to yourself every month – don’t give it to someone else.


Kirby West is the largest reseller of used Ryobi 3404DIs and 52DIs in the US and a Presstek Preferred Partner. We’ve sold 60 used DIs in the last five years, let us show you how to keep the money you’ve earned.