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Don’t Give The Taxman Your Money – Buy a Ryobi (or Used Ryobi)!!

Just because Santa probably can’t jam a good, used Ryobi digital press down your chimney doesn’t mean your Christmas won’t be merry.  Just give Kirby West a call. We’ll roll one right through the warehouse door!  Lots of good machines out there right now. Used Ryobi DIs, Morgana creasers, Ryobi 52DIs, Sakurais, even late model  Ryobi 920s.  You name it.  Just click the Used Equipment button on our home page to see everything we have access to right now.  And if you don’t see it give us a call, we’ll find it!


And don’t forget, Santa’s nasty cousin the Taxy Claus is lurking around during the holidays as well.  He’s just waiting to cut into your hard earned profits at the most important time of the year. The worst part is that it doesn’t even matter if you’ve been naughty. He punishes everyone, especially the people who have done everything right. But you can fight back with the Section 179 tax break that will allow you to write off up to $510K in equipment purchases this year.  Call our man VJ Brandon Goichai at Ascentium Capital, he can explain the whole thing. VJ is our go-to guy – he gets things done and he does it fast.  His number is 248-829-0198. Don’t give your money to the government, they’ll just use it fund some silly thing that won’t even work. Buy equipment from Kirby West that will work making you money for years and years! HO HO HO!