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Plan Ahead for End of the Year Purchases of Used Printing Equipment

Printer Friends:

As you know, the holidays are upon us.  We have much to be thankful for this year.  With Thanksgiving this Thursday
, we’re sure you will be giving thanks as well.  As we get into the hustle and bustle of last minute Christmas shopping and getting projects out the door by year’s end, many printers choose to add additional prepress, press or bindery gear to take advantage of Section 179 tax savings which are rather substantial this year.
What we run into every year is at this time of year equipment riggers, shippers and installer/trainers are very busy.  So that press you may need or that creaser/folder or slitter/cutter/creaser you may have to have by December 31, simply cannot get to you in time.
If you are going to add equipment and need it by the end of the year, call us now.  That way we can prioritize YOU before the snowballs hit the fan, if you know what we’re saying.
On another note, remember that when you purchase preowned equipment there are 5 expenses and actions which must be coordinated AFTER you make your purchasing decision (which, in itself, may involve an inspection and credit approval).  Those 5 items are DEINSTALLATION/PREPPING AND PACKAGING FOR SHIPPING, RIGGING OUT, SHIPPING, RIGGING IN AND INSTALLATION/TRAINING.  Each of these items need to be scheduled and coordinated.  Even with new equipment you have 4 steps.
We look at it like a ballet or an orchestra, it’t beautiful when it all comes together and it needs a maestro to pull it off correctly.  
Happy Holidays from the MAESTROS at KirbyWest. Let us know how we can make this time of year MERRY for you!