The main reasons we loved CET

Here is an actual letter from one of our customers:


I wanted to reach out and give you a little back ground on CET.

I owned a printing company for 30 years in Dallas. I have since sold my business. During my years of purchasing equipment I had the opportunity to buy several pieces of large equipment. I learned with my first large format purchase ($385,000 EFI Vutek and a $69,000 a year platinum service plan)  that the most expensive and the biggest name does not always translate into the best company for a business. I paid off the EFI
as quickly as I could and started looking for a better fit for the demands of my customers.

Looking at every printer available (Oce, Fuji, HP,Mimaki, Inca etc..) I went to all of the trade shows trying to make sure I was going to make the right decision for my company. I had a very demanding client base that was focused on deadlines. My largest client had a monthly POP that we could not miss not matter what. For me and my company CET was the right choice. I purchased 2 CET printers for less than the 1 EFI printer.

The main reasons we loved CET.

Ease of maintenance: All of my operators went to the CET school which empowered them. After taking the class they came back and my quality and run time continued to improve (no more expensive service packages and waiting for a technician to show up).

Quality: CET printers stand out by being simple in design, but where the printers quality parts are concerned CET always had the best (Kyrocera and Ricoh print heads, etc…)

Down time was what I deemed to be my biggest loss when running my EFI. With CET my down time was almost completely eliminated with empowered operators, and a machine that just did not break.

Kirby West has our absolute best technicians in Phoenix. Robert Lugo and Ralph Decker  have incredible skills. They will be on location in no time with integrity and smarts. These guys will keep your company moving!

Over the years we purchased 5 CET printers and when I left, my first CET printer was 10 years old and the others were from 3 to 8 years old. Over their lifetime they ran 24/7 the entire time.

Tim Kirby is a man of integrity that stands behind all his equipment sales. Kirby West is the number one Dealer in the USA for CET sales. He will make sure that information you need to make this decision is accurate and supported by the best technicians and I will make sure You and Tim both have everything you need to be successful.

If you ever have any questions in this process please reach out anytime. I would love to swap stories from our journeys.


Thank you


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