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Here today. Gone tomorrow. That’s the harsh reality of buying and selling preowned printing equipment. How do you put yourself in the best position to get that Ryobi, Sakurai, Heidelberg, Komori or DI press of your dreams? Call us. We can help.


A contingency contract can serve you well and can meet your needs. We usually write up printing press sales orders this way. Let’s say a press or cutter or collating system or CTP is overseas or is at a shop or a dealer on the other side of the country. What we like to do for our buyers is to write up a simple one page sales order where we make the order contingent on your inspection (or our inspection or the inspection of a local technician who we know and trust). We typically would do a detailed multiple page report for you and may choose to include photos, videos, Facetime of Skype of the piece of gear in operation. So too, we like to make the sale contingent on “customer’s approval of all credit terms and conditions”. When we have this simple one page order in place with a deposit that is 100% refundable pending these two items (or at least one of these) we can pull that press off the market and allow you to do your due diligence. By doing so, you can see if this press or other machine is as advertised and will allow you to secure funding with one of our lenders or your bank. Speaking of which, funding rates are low and we can usually finance you with a one page credit application up to $250,000.


I’ve heard buyers say this thousands of times when they don’t want to move forward this way. “Oh, there will be another one just as nice that will come down the pike if we miss this one”. I laugh because it is predictable and it is, more often than not, incorrect.


Our job is to find the BEST VALUE for you on a piece of new or used printing equipment. Yes, on the new stuff, it’s just a matter of getting the next one from the factory. But on used/preowned machines, we want to find the best bang for the buck for you.   That means the newest, lowest impression, cleanest, best back story (why the previous owner is selling it) machine for your investment budget. THAT’S WHAT WE DO. THAT’S WHY PEOPLE COME TO US. We have relationships with printers and dealers/distributors worldwide thanks to our many years in the Ryobi family. We know dealers and techs in every corner of the globe and are great friends with the ones here in the US. We can get that condition/back story while others struggle for it. That’s a huge advantage for you.


So sign that contingent order. Lock that machine up. Most people are reasonable and will honor this for one to two weeks. In that time you can do and we can do what we need to do to assure that this machine is ideal for you. Plus in most cases, if we know the machine well, we will guarantee it to be fully functional on you floor and will include delivery and installation. If it’s not everything you want or your funding doesn’t come through, we tear up the order and give you your deposit back.


Buy smart. Lock it up with a contingent sale and buy from KirbyWest where we know the truth about the machines we offer and always strive to offer you the best value for your hard earned dollar.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2018.


Happy Holidays,

Tim Kirby