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9 Series Ryobi Presses

We aren’t competing with the big guys……

We are the big guys.

The merger of Ryobi and Mitsubishi printing press has yielded the largest printing press company in the world, RMGT. And our best selling product, in a lineup that goes from 2-up machines to the 44” 11 Series, is the RMGT 9 Series press. Nothing beats it for productivity and profitability at an affordable price.

The hit of Print 17 in Chicago. The Series from RMGT/Ryobi.

Size Matters – The cornerstone of the 9 Series competitiveness is the unique sheet size. It allows you to run 8-up press sheets but it’s <40 size add up to staggering savings over time on plate material. Additionally, the cost savings on the press gives you the production muscle of a 40” press at a price point much closer to a half size or 6-up machine.

Environmentally Friendly – The RMGT 9 Series allows you to run a powder free press room, cutting down on labor, hickeys, wear and tear on the equipment and improving print quality. When paired with the revolutionary LED UV technology the 9 Series slashes power usage and costs by up to 80% compared to other drying solutions.

Tailor Made for LED-UV – The versatility of the 9Series is supercharged when paired with LED_UV. The benefits read like a wish list for any high quality commercial shop. Instant drying times on uncoated stock, faster turnaround times, much lower ink usage, sharply reduced labor for cleanups, higher running speeds as well as the ability to do all of the high end value added work such as printing on plastics, chemical emboss, high glass coated stock, etc.

The 9 Series is state of the art technology that is rewriting the rules for performance and profitability. Backed up by the largest printing press company in the world.

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