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DI Technology

Ryobi DI technology has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in the printing industry in the last hundred years. The ability to image plate directly on the press slashes make ready time, labor and materials down to ten minutes and raises profitability to a level that is unprecedented. Within it’s short to medium 1000-5000 sheet niche – it’s bulletproof. DI technology features the following advantages:

MICRO MAKE READY TIMES - DI Imaging reduces your make ready time down to ten to fifteen minutes at 200 line screen. Think of it, the time formerly taken by imaging films and plates reduced down to a few minutes. Labor, materials, chemicals, etc have been eliminated or sharply mitigated.

WATERLESS - The waterless system on the Ryobi DI press offers key advantages to a more efficient workflow. Waterless jobs dry faster and are ready for the bindery in virtually no time. The clean crisp dot produced by waterless printing improves image quality and color saturation.

PROFITABILITY – What are your two biggest costs? Paper and labor. The improved workflow possible with a Ryobi DI slashes both of these

costs. Make ready times are crushed, paper waste is sharply curtailed and pre-press material and equipment are eliminated. Your file is RIP’d and imaged in ten minutes and color is usually matching the proof within fifty sheets.

Remember, Kirby West is the leader in selling used Ryobi Dis. We’ve sold 50+ in the last six years. Seven in the first eight months of 2017. And the good news for buyers is the cost of good, used Dis almost couldn’t be lower. You can have this powerful technology in your shop for less than the cost of a new 3302.