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We were happy to help Franko and Ty of Can Do Printing purchase their first Ryobi 756 6 color 23 x 29" press with coater several years ago. It replaced a Komori 528 Lithrone. They recently added a second Ryobi 756 to their plant. We are proud and happy to have them as part of the Ryobi family here in Arizona.

Phoenix's Can Do Printing added this Ryobi 925 25 x 36" Five Color Press to their aresenal of larger Ryobis. This one time Komori shop purchased two 756 Ryobi presses with Aqueous Coaters. This 8-up 925 Ryobi is their first LEDUV press. We were glad help the Can Do team with each of these machines.

This is how we like to protect your investment when we deliver large pieces of press and bindery gear. Here's a Heidelberg 4 Color leaving Phoenix on a conestoga flatbed where the equipment is easily loaded at gound level but is protected from the elements.

We love selling Ryobi DIs. This one is leaving Boston and is headed to Oklahoma City.

Mark Middleton (on the right) of New Patients Inc in front of his recently installed Ryobi 685 withi AQ Coater right here in Phoenix.

K Yatsumoto, T Kirby and K Takata in SoCal at West Region Ryobi meetings in April of 13.

Tim Koderl and Teri Mc Carthy of Mc Carthy Print in downtown Austin, TX in front of their newly acquired Heidelberg Printmaster 52-4P. Thanks for the biz and Hook 'em Horns!

Tim Kirby and Chris Sposi, owner of O'Day Printing right here in North Scottsdale. Chris and family recently purchased this Ryobi 784 23 x 29" Four Color from us in December of 2012. Thanks Chris!

Todd Frost and Ben Sanchez of Next Day Four Color in San Antonio. We were able to help Todd and Ben with both a Ryobi 754 with coater and a 755 with coater in their San Antonio location. They were so pleased, they added another 755 in Houston. Thanks guys!

Carlos Hernandez of Prestige Printing in San Antonio. We were fortunate to help Carlos and Sandra with this Sakurai 272 which they recently purchased. We appreciate you guys!

Dave Chatfield of Horizon Printing of Austin Texas added this press as the perfect complement to his 640 Mitsubishi. "If we'd have known how easy it was to print, we'd have bought one of these a long time ago". Thanks Dave and thanks Mike.

Jay Garst of RBC of Oceanside, CA. Jay and family members Dirk, Ron, and Mardy bought this Ryobi 524 from KirbyWest members Dave Nantz and Tim Kirby way back in 1993. 20 years later, they still love the print quality and reliability of their Ryobi press.

Phil Moreno (on the left) of Salt River Project here in Phoenix in front of his recently installed Ryobi 756 with coater. We appreciate your Ryobi business over the years, Phil and Harvey O.

Here we are offloading a Sakurai 672 Six Color 29" press purchased by BCT Houston. Thanks to Bill, Louis, Chris, and family. We were glad to help you grow your business!

Pictured here is Steve from Alphagraphics Camelback here in Phoenix. They upgraded their Heidelberg DI to this Ryobi 3404DI. "We are now doing jobs we couldn't dream about doing on our old DI. Finer screens, heavier solids, better color matching and reliabiity are big differences we now enjoy." Thanks Steve and thanks Larry!

Pressman, Dave and owner, Rick of Caveman Printing here in Mesa, AZ in front of their Ryobi/Kodak DI purchased from KirbyWest in 2012. Thanks guys. We appreciate you!

Louis Mayer, who with familly members Bill, Lisa, and Chris own BCT Houston is pictured here in front of his Sakruai 672 with coater purchased from KirbyWest in 2010. Thank you Mayers!

Tiger, Jack and Arnie? Hardly! Dave Nantz, David Sartain, and Tim Kirby at the PIA Golf tournament at The Raven.

Tim Kirby with KirbyWest friends Mike Stryczek of American Barcode and RFID and Bill Loutos of Loutos Consulting at the Biltmore.

Gary Davis of Lennox Show Print in Lennox, SD with his Ryobi 524H purchased through KirbyWest. If you are looking to buy printing in South Dakota, go see our friend Gary. He's a good man!

We're blessed to have some GREAT customers who made all of these #1 finishes possible for us while we were the Ryobi dealer for SoCal back in the day. Thank you sooooo much. You know who you are! We are proud to be part of America's #1 Ryobi dealership 7 years in a row.

Head 'em up. Move 'em out. At KirbyWest we can handle it all for you. From deinstallation to rigging out, to shipping, to rigging in, to installation, training, service, support and supplies. We've got your covered with complete, turn-key solutions.

Sean Markum at The College of Southern Nevada in North Las Vegas in front of his recently acquired Ryobi 3404DI. This press replaced a 5 color GTO. Sean and the team at CSN are elated with the fast makeredies and outstanding print quality. We're elated that we could work with such a great group of people. Thanks CSN!

L to R Andres Montealegre (owner) and Miguel Sanchez (pressman) of L.A. Flyer in Northridge, CA with their reently acquired Ryobi 3304HA. They also added a Presstek Computer to Plate System. Thank you, gentlemen!

Jim Youngs with pressman, Freddie (L to R) of Red River Printing of Oklahoma City, OK in front of their Ryobi DI purchased from our firm. Freddie runs multiple presses and multi tasks while his DI is making ready. 50 jobs on press last month. Business is good. Thanks Red River!!!

Dave and Tim (L to R) circa 1984. Mere young bucks in the printing industry seen here in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs on Point Loma, no doubt celebrating the installation of a small Ryobi or Multi.

Rick Burns and Jeff Crawfold of Burns Graphics in Fort Worth, Texas in front of their Ryobi 784 4 color 23 x 29" press. Tim worked with Rick and LeRoy Burns on placing this machine. "We love working with the Burns family. Great people," says Tim.

Mike Amaral who, with wife Lisa, own Oak Hill Printing in Austin, TX recently added this Ryobi 3404DI to their shop. Mike had small offset and a pretty sophisticated color copier. "Those click charges were killing us. This DI makes sense for our mid range to longer runs. We love this press." Thanks, Mike and Lisa. We appreciate you guys!

We were very happy to help our friends at CreateDC in Temple Hills, Maryland with this Heidelberg QMDI. Thanks to Chris Burch and crew in the DC area!

We sell LOTS of preowned Presstek/Ryobi DI presses. Here's a video that explains the technology in a thorough way that is quite easy to understand.

Graphic Ideals of Phoenix recently added this Ryobi/Presstek 34XDI after trading in their Heidelberg MOVP. Pictured left to right are our David Sartain and owner, Gene Maro.

Larry and Vicki Print Right Mc Kinney.jpg

Tim with Robert Campbell and Dave Tucker of Maui Printing on a recent over to Hawaii. Robert and Dave have been good friends and HUGE Ryobi fans for a long, long time. Mahalo.

We love it when customers want to see the capabilities of the inker in the 3404DI from Ryobi. Full sheet size solid. Nice.

L to R Tim Kirby, Guillermo Queponds, David Sartain, and Dave Nantz at the deinstallation of a Ryobi 755 here in Phoenix on its way to another happy KirbyWest customer on the east coast.

Thank you to the Don and Lisa Bickford and the team at Highlight Printing in Minneapolis on their recent purchase of a Ryobi/Kodak DI press.

USREDA in West Palm Beach, Florida recently added this Ryobi/Presstek 52DI to their business. Thanks Joe and Billy.

L to R John Gosselin of Gosselin Graphics in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with our David Sartain in front of John's recently added Ryobi 755XLD with Aqueous Coater. John is a well known South Florida trade printer who has invested, now, in three 750 Series presses from Ryobi.

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to The Printing Company of Scottsdale. Pictured here is John Mc Elvogue, owner, who transitioned from a four color GTO to a Ryobi DI from us. Thanks, John. All the best to you and your team!

Long time friend and customer Jerry Anderson of Headline Graphics of Cardiff by the Sea, CA with the surfboard he designed and printed for us as a promotional piece. Jerry purchased multiple Ryobi presses from Tim and Dave in the 1990s including a 524HXX that replaced a GTO four color as well as a 662. Jerry now does custom surfboards. An avid surfer, USMC Vietnam Vet, and active participant in many community projects where he gives back, Jerry is a valued friend to us and to many in San Diego County.

David Sartain with the crew at Biltmore Pro Print on Camelback in Phoenix. We are privleged to have provided these Aaron and Chris with a QMDI 3 years ago that they replaced with this Ryobi 3404DI in early 2015. They are now enjoying heavier solids, finer screen rulings, greater detail in highlight and shadow areas, greater uptime, outstanding reliability a lower cost of ownership and greater profitability. Thanks guys!

Techniprint in Phoenix recently upgraded their Heidelberg QMDI to a Ryobi 3404DI. Thanks to Rick and Daleena who are now enjoying their increased print quality and reliability.

Tim and Dave (with pressman Roy) in front of the recently added Ryobi 784 Four Color 23 x 29" press at O' Day Printing in the Scottsdale Airpark. Thanks to Chris and Joe and Anne. Great people. Great printers.

Tim and David Sartain relaxing after work in downtown Scottsdale. David has installed 9 DIs for us in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area as of this posting. Couldn't have done it without you, brutha!

L to R David Sartain, DI Guru Extraordinaire and Peter Marcus, ownere of Allegra Printing in Tucson. We were fortunate to recieve Peter's trust to sell his 5 color GTO and to help him add this Ryobi/Kodak 3404DI press. Peter has been very successful. We are appreciative of the opportunity to help Peter and his team. Thanks Team Allegra!

Gilbert, Arizona's Desert Digital added this Ryobi 525GX Five Color 14 x 20" press wih coater in early 2015. This is the second Ryobi 520 Series press for owner Dustan Van Nortrick, who is pictured here with pressman Joel. Business increased dramatically with the addition of the coater, according to Dustan, who loves the great print quality and reliability his Ryobi presses delver to his business. Thanks Team Desert Digital!!!

Marcus Newton, pictured on the right with our David Sartain, is the chairman of the board of Western States Printing Alliance (WSPS, formerly PIA Arizona). We do a lot of business with Marcus who, is a HUGE proponent of Ryobi DI technology. Marcus gives back in a big way to his community and to the printing industry. We are glad to have him as a friend and a trusted advisor. Thanks dude!

David Sartain with Ike Abolafia, owner of Print Basics in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Ike purchased this Ryobi 3404DI from us and has it sitting next to his Heidelberg QMDI. Want to compare DI technology between Hberg and Ryobi, call Ike. He's knows both intimately. Ike also added a Morgana Creaser from us shortly after the DI came in. We like Ike.

Wayne Welkner of J and J Printing in Lenexa (Kansas City), KS. Wayne and his team added this Ryobi 754XLE with Coater and LEDUV in the spring of 2015. In addition, Wayne purchased a Heidelberg Pm46-2 from us this spring. Thanks Team J and J. We appreciate you guys!

Mike Timm (middle) installed this Ryobi 3302HA for us at De La Salle High School in Kansas City in 2015. De La Salle does a great job of training KC area youth for jobs in the print and graphic arts industry. We are proud and grateful to provide a stepping stone to bright futures for the young people who attend this fine institution.

"My life I gotten so much easier. I love this press." So says pressman Andy at Graphic Ideals on Thomas Rd. in Phoenix. We were fortunate that the Maros trusted us to take their MOVP in trade and get into DI technology on this Presstek/Ryobi 34DI. This press saved them labor and paper costs in a big way, reduced makeready times and improved print quality. Thank you for your business!

Tim Kirby and Dave Trujillo at Blue Water Grille at Temecula, CA. Dave and Tim worked togehter at Prism Lithographic Technologies in Oceanside, CA in the 1990s. "Dave was a great pressman and Ryobi technician. More than that he's a great man and a great friend," says Tim. Dave now owns a gym in Temecula and trains everyday folks, body builders and fitness models.

David Sartain and Mike Timm in front of the Presstek (Ryobi) 34DI recently installed at Precision Printing in Lenexa, Kansas. Owner, Brian Diddle, traded in a four color 14 x 20" press and is enjoying this press from KirbyWest. Thanks, Brian!

Mike Trevino of Kansas City Life Insurance Company (left) with Mike Timm, installer and technician extraordinaire, in front of KC Life's new(er) Screen Computer to Plate System installed in the summer of 2015. Thanks Mike(s).

Sam and Kiersten at our WSPA Golf Tournament at the Arizona Grand Resort in October of 2016. Thanks girls.